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Central Issuing

PSE Technologies, Inc. provides complete solutions for personalization and post-issuance management of single and multi-application smart cards where information gathered from a number of locations are collected at a central point along with personalization and development for distribution to the cardholders. Our central issuance solution allows banks to take full control of the issuance through in-house personalization supporting multiple databases and allowing data retrieval, image capture, card issuance, and reporting facilities.

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Branch Issuing

The branch issuance solution enables EMV compliant smart card issuance instantly from bank branches following successful registration as well as instant replacement of lost or stolen cards in less than one minute. Being EMV compliant also means that high-security levels are ensured through encryption using key management schemes (Master Session, DUPKT and RTKS) and EMV data remains in the central server accessed only by authorized bank staff upon request. PSE TEchnologies’ secure pin pad can be used to allow cardholders to enter their pin or alternatively an IVR can be used.

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Retailers are now seriously considering mobile POS solutions to address challenges and opportunities in the new connected world. PSE Technologies help merchants on the way from Channel to Customer eccentricity: Payments, CRM, Loyalty, Mobile and POS technology providers are extending their offerings to enable integrated shopping experience. Monoey is the most convenient Mobile Payment Service that enables merchants to accept credit & debit card payments anywhere and anytime by using their android mobile or tablet loaded with the Monoey Application that gets connected to EMV L1 & L2 PCI-PTS Certified Card Reader.

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PSE Technologies’ EFT POS application processes all types of paymet cards through real-time authorization in a secure payment environment using key management systems such as Master/Session Key, Racal Transaction Key Scheme and Derived Unique Key interacting with any payment service provider. Certified by ADVT and TIP, it supports EMV cards and is able to perform multiple host routing. The fast paced deployment of private cards, gift cards and phone top-up cards ensures minimized transaction queues for users.

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